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The melancholic possesses a personality that makes them very analytical and thoughtful. They are the ones most of us refer to as ‘quiet’.
Also known to possess the black bile humor or earth element, they are known to be the deep people of society. With a higher level of intelligence, above their peers – the choleric; they decide to be reserved, choosing the pathway to be less manipulative, or driving change.
The melancholics are deep thinkers. Most inventors, scientists, and great artists are all melancholics. Though they are prone to depression, they always strive onto perfection.

They are never satisfied with themselves, no matter the degree of accomplishment or advancement they reach. Unlike the sanguine or choleric, these people would not work with teams.
They desire rather to be left alone. They think deeply through matters, and enjoy doing things like research works or solving a puzzling problem.
Professions involving script-writing, artworks, coding or engineering are things they may find themselves pursuing.
The melancholic when he makes up his mind on a matter would be very difficult to convince on thinking otherwise. They just do not easily make a decision, but think deeply before they decide to give themselves to matters.

Though they can function well as great leaders, these do not enjoy taking positions or roles. They enjoy being alone, and sticking to themselves.
Melancholics like to read, be in solitary places, engaging in pursuits that can be done by a single individual and are less likely to work in a team.
Taking the workplace as a scenario, they would like to be left alone, when a project is commissioned for them to do.
They hate supervisions, and like to be left alone. Because they are deep thinkers and intelligent people, they like to solve problems all by themselves and enjoy the processes involved in doing so.

Because a melancholic is very imaginative, he more of the times, thinks more than what pertains to a matter.
They take extreme safety precautions, and are very private people. Like the choleric, they possess a high level of determination and discipline.
They would singularly handle a project, or sometimes, the core aspects of a project if he thinks he must share the workload.
And they would suffer until they reach their intended goals. They rarely ask for help, even if there is a need for them to be granted help.
They are not selfish people, rather, they are only difficult to convince, and so, are not easy to trust or add just anybody into their inner circle.

They normally do not want to associate themselves with public affairs, but desire things that produce in them higher self-development.
Finding a lover who is a melancholic is very difficult. Especially in the case of a woman, she shall not easily accept a proposal from a man.
Naturally, they do not say easily join a team or group. They can also be very sensitive people because of their thoughtful nature.
It is very difficult for a melancholic to overcome a break-up, that which, a sanguine would easily get over. They are very faithful people, and have very few friends.

If a melancholic has you as a friend, he may share deep aspects of his life with you, and would therefore expect you to be trustworthy to him in return.
They can be very good secret keepers. They do not mind keeping delicate matters, and are very faithful in this regard.
Melancholics do not need the presence of family and friends to keep them energized towards their pursuits in life. When they make their mind to stick to a goal, they are hell-bent to follow it.

They do not manipulate people to their advantage, but rather, suffer their body to have their dreams achieved.
They are emotional and sometimes also caring. Having a melancholic as a partner, usually brings about an enjoying relationship.
They are deep, and would drive true relationships they have to a very deeper level. They are sensitive to the feelings of others and would sacrifice so much to make relationship or even, other concerns of life work.

Because they do not declare the sacrifices they made to make a project or an affair gain fruition, they feel very wounded when they are betrayed.
They can keep hurtful words or actions in them for a very long time, without even telling the fellow or perhaps, a trusted friend.
They have an enduring spirit, and would sacrifice very much personally to have things go the way they expect.
What a choleric would use others help to accomplish in days, a melancholic would use his own strength and capacity to accomplish in months, and would not care the time it takes to finally reach or attain what they want.

Usually, they do this to avoid the pain they would feel when they realize someone they so much trusted has turned against them.
Melancholics are very analytical and would have been greater leaders, if they decided to follow that path. But because of their nature to think so deeply, they just give thought to every minute detail that followers or subordinates at work may do against them.
The undesirability attached to how people would betray or leave them make them stick to personally handled jobs.

With their deep sense of love, they may begin to act somewhat like a choleric concerning aspects of their inner circles.
They protect and demand perfection in the areas of business they do. If they know they cannot easily execution perfection or excellence in the circle of work they do, they would not invite a partner or team player in the first place.
They are very strategic people. What they seek is peace, and not power. They have a notion that, the state of their inner personality holds higher precedence than outward control.

A drawback to this personality is that, they may not influence society greatly, because of their reserved attitude to take action. Rather, they may greatly influence their followers or students.
Their concern is to develop more the mental capacity they have, and though they may reach a very high level of personal development, they may execute quite little towards the improvement of society as a whole.

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