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There are many misconceptions associated with exercising. Basically, these are the main reasons why people fail to put in their all while exercising. Sometimes, misconceptions may lead to people not exercising at all.
We have to be careful as to what we feed our minds. This is because it might lead us to a lack of exercise. Exercising is a very essential component for good living. It cannot be substituted for anything else. Eating good without proper exercising is not sufficient for healthy living. Therefore, a conscious effort has to be made on our part to exercise. We would reap bountiful results if we take time off our busy schedules to exercise.

Here are some notable misconceptions that might be associated with exercising.

Not really necessary
Some claim exercise is useless. There is the misconception that the body does not gain anything from exercising. This misconception is popular and has made many people to desist from taking exercise. For instance, they believe they are not falling sick so what is the essence of exercising.
The truth is we might not fall sick though we lack exercise, but we would improve the body’s level of productivity if we did exercise. Our sense of awareness and consciousness would be much better than it is now. Saying exercising is not really necessary is like saying water is not really necessary.

Exercise is difficult
Others admit that exercise is relevant but they do not practice it because they say it is difficult. Exercising may be difficult if you are now starting after being dormant for a very long time. You can experience exercise to be easy if you take it as a lifestyle.
To add to this, you can decide to exercise low-intensity groups of exercise. You can start small. You can start to practice exercise within a short duration. This way you would have not cause to think exercising is difficult. Some people talk of high intensity exercise like weight lifting to be the real exercise. But a simple exercise like yoga can be exercise as well. You should practice low-intensity exercise routinely. With time, you can move on to the tougher ones just to have a feel of experiencing proper exercises.

I will fall sick
You do not fall sick when you exercise. Rather, you gain a lot of energy to keep you active throughout the day. People might have complained they began to fall ill after they took up an exercise. However, such occasions are few.
They were probably giving to the body too much pressure. The body was taking in more than it could handle. Headache, stomach aches and joint pains may be experienced. However, try not to push yourself too hard. Exercise well, but stop when the body is giving you signals that you are putting in too much pressure. Exercising has to be fun, and when done the right way exercise can be rather enjoying. You can decide to exercise in intervals. Take a 10 to 15 minutes break after each session. Here, I am sure the complaint about getting a fever would not exist.

I still cannot lose that weight
Obese people sometimes think they gained that weight naturally, and there is nothing they can do to reverse it. People who are not really obese, but would like to lose some weight so they can get back in shape also believe exercise does not have the capacity to have them acquire the desired shape they want.
Exercise has the capacity to change us from fat looking individuals to slim looking individuals. A lot of calories is burnt when we do rigorous exercise. However, we have to stay consistent to our training exercises. If we perform exercising as a habit, we are going to experience an improvement in the way we look. Soon we would have that stubborn weight go away.

I prefer to take healthy diet instead
Taking a healthy diet can drastically improve on the way we look. Good breakfast, lunch and supper can go a long way to improve our state of health. However, the body needs to be rejuvenated beyond a certain level if we are to reach optimum health.
That is where exercise has to step in. Exercise is able to boost our level of concentration. It provides immerse energy the body needs to perform its daily activities. If we feel stressed out and weary at the workplace, we can count on placing some time for exercising before we step out for work. We would be rejuvenated in ways good dieting alone cannot do.

Exercise devices are expensive
There are people who believe the gadgets of exercise are too expensive so they prefer not to have exercise at all. Exercise equipment are not too expensive to buy. We can invest in buying a sports shoe, costume, and a smart watch.
When we buy durable gadgets the time duration for their replacements would be long. If we get a good bicycle at a standard price, we can use it continuously for years without thinking about a replacement. We complain about the prices of exercise devices because we spend most of our money on impulse buying. This prevents us from having enough money in our savings. We should buy only necessary stuffs needed. A good exercise gadget we buy can save us from getting sick.

I did not see any change last year so I am quitting
There is another popular misconception which is, I did not see any change last year so I am quitting. There are many benefits we get from exercise that we fail to take notice of. Some people exercise to lose weight, others want to build up muscles, even others want to become better in their sports engagements.
There are many benefits we got from exercise we never realized. For instance, exercise might have prevented an unforeseen illness. It might have boosted our sense of awareness and consciousness. Exercise helps the body to function at optimal levels. If we fail to recognize a benefit we are supposed to derive from exercise that does not mean we have to quit. Rather, it means we have to press on even harder, so that this year we would achieve the target we have set for ourselves to achieve giving the aid of proper exercising.

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