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Those who are phlegmatic are the ones who are very accommodating and relaxed in character. A phlegmatic would just not care: they are more of the time composed, and feel no urgency concerning matters most people would act with strong impulse.
A phlegmatic person possesses the phlegm humor, and are also classified as the water element.
A phlegmatic would usually need a supervisor to keep him on his toes. Typical phlegmatics would not be good managers of a business concern: either they would so much listen to the voice of the workers, or entirely not care about the mission of the business.

For them, they flow with what is moving. They find no problem being submissive to authority, and are never likely to raise a riot or protest in any way.
They can be the perfect assistants. This is because they would have a voice for the boss, as well as have a voice for the people.
They can very much accommodate the grievances of workers, as well as push well the demands of managers. Like the sanguine, they also do not so much keep to remembrance a wrong.
They have a steady personality, and can flow in different situations and accommodate different personalities easily.
Professions they may end up finding themselves involved in include; typical secretaries, office assistants or even spokepersons.
A phlegmatic would be able to change job roles and blend easily. This is something which is impossible for a choleric to find himself doing. A phlegmatic do not care about positions or duties, a choleric want to dominate in a job role and would not understand why a sudden change of job must take place.

Indeed, thinking a phlegmatic would be holding onto an offense is a great mistake. A sanguine would create positive assumptions in order to let go of an offense, but for a phlegmatic, he would not care at all.
He is slow to be a contributor, or a giver to a cause. They would like to be more at the receiving end. They like orders to be spelled out for them, rules to be clearly stated, and job roles to be declared.
They just like to flow, as this would make them express their natures easily. They do not care about structure or details for which a responsibility have been issued, rather, they think being within the stipulated rules of work is all what is necessary.
They can greatly adapt to difficulty, remain docile where a choleric would fight for his right or protest for the right thing to be effected.
A phlegmatic wife is what most men would desire to have. This is because she is supportive and flexible in a lot of changing situations.

Hardly would she nag, when things get on the rough. They naturally do not want to be leaders, but understand that, they can greatly contribute their quota whenever an assigned task is declared to them to follow.
They can endure a lot of things like the melancholic, but they do not keep or try to understand needless reasons why things have become unfavorable.
They present a cool aura when you are around them, and do not normally cause trouble.
Unfortunately, this special nature of theirs are wrongly abused, and they become manipulated or cheated in many scenarios.
Like the water element, they can flow just anywhere without a problem. They are also likely to be very friendly people. They are loved by many, and are usually harmless when perceived.
Though they are nice to be with, you can’t have them deeply involved in great matters. They enjoy calmness and would not like to bother so much about high matters.

What they do is to support, and stick to their assigned duty. They never would desire to carry a whole burden of work on them. They would not care about matters like this.
Likewise, since they’ve a submissive and humble nature, they are always wanted and loved. Their enduring spirit would also make them endure offenses, unlikely retaliating.
And they can stay as very helpful supporters no matter the challenge they may face. Phlegmatic people are very calm in tensed situations.
This nature can however be detrimental, so would need people who possess a conscious drive to encourage or direct them toward planned actions.
They may never become assiduous with regards to a given project or task, also, they do not experience the stress or anxiety feeling most people feel when they get to be behind in terms of a stipulated activity they must reach on a project they are embarking on.
In school, they are the ones that would experience no pushing drive when the date to an examination gets close.

While students would normally exert more energy to study more and experience anxiety, a phlegmatic would experience no anxiety at all and would remain composed all the same.
He would study at his normal pace, with no sense of drive to put in more effort. They have a very stable spirit, and would easily pass through a predicament.
While sanguines are just hopeful whenever they get to be faced with a bad predicament – having that mind to help them pass through a given challenge; a phlegmatic will remain just calm and composed.
They do not think so much about the things they face; also, they endure, but do not keep things in them. A melancholic may keep things in them and on a future date retaliate, but a phlegmatic would just never have things in them.
Of all temperaments, they are the most free people to be with, and the best assistant a leader must desire to have.

They never desire a leadership role, and would remain faithful to a role assigned, ensuring that peace remains in wherever they find themselves.
They move well with all kinds of people. Their presence always stimulates peace and togetherness in any place they find themselves in.
Their blending nature always makes them to cause no trouble wherever they go. Rather, they are the ones whose presence have an impact on preventing a quarrel or misunderstanding from springing up between people of varying interest.

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