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This may sound simple and unambiguous, taking what the word prepare mean. But it goes beyond just prepare. It includes; fortify yourself, ready yourself, brace yourself, gird yourself, and anything that signifies an awareness of yourself.

Also, prepare yourself here is in the context of preparing oneself to become something. And this has nothing to do with preparing yourself to be given something, to be elected, or supplied with a reward as a result of a prior expectation.
In simple terms; prepare yourself to be great, and not, prepare yourself to receive greatness. In the preliminary stages of battling to attain a desired ambition you wish for, no one is going to confer greatness upon you, and even, if it’s possible for that to happen it’d come at a dear prize.

Therefore, I mean to say that, prepare yourself to be strong, holding full control of the one thing you have dreamed about.
If you dream to establish a multimillionaire enterprise, the easy route is not to take a full-blown loan facility to assuage the distress of that enterprise, hoping that would propel you to score a one-time business success.
There is the higher necessity to understand; who you are, what you acknowledge, and what you are ready to serve to the world. And this holds precedence over the aforementioned. Therefore prepare yourself, in the context of making yourself ready to execute or take on a make-up you are passionate about.

Be ready to live the new life you are turning into, and consciously let go of your old self so you can fully embrace your new self. Maybe you have to make a conscious effort to reschedule the manner in which you have been living your life.
Bear in mind the estimated number of hours it would take you in a day to do the working activities involved in what you are pursuing. Understand the sacrifices you have to make, in terms of how you once spent the free time you had in your hands.
There is the need to understand that, basic habits you performed, that you no more cherish should go.

For instance: the visiting of friends or loved ones to chitchat, the playing of internet games or the watching of movies, and what have you…
All these things are enjoyable to do, but you must realize something that is, what you have in your hands. And we can see, time is what you have in your hand.
But this time is a limited resource, moreover, should you continue to be hesitant in the letting go of your previous way of life, there would be a drag further and further away from accomplishing your one true goal.

Preparing yourself, involves, taking on a new personality, and being responsible along with it. You should understand that what you seek would demand time, energy and resources. But what you hold in your hands is not sufficient to propel you forward in both your past – ordinary life, and your future – desired life.
Either you would retrogress back to the former life, which of course you want to do away with, or progress further to the new life, which you are passionate to embrace.
Every human being has 24 hours in a day, and cannot have more, no matter how earnestly he or she desires to be granted it.
It is also so when you are changing from a habit that you want to do away with. You cannot have a habit formed successfully in you, and carry along with the old habit as well. It makes no sense at all.

There should come a point in your life, especially, when you are ready to make the first move, to do away with your old manner of life. It’s not going to be easy, and it could be that such a habit was with you for a decade; it could be that you think that old habit is a nature you have.
But change is always possible, and the passion you carry can move mountains. The number of years you have been stuck on a habit is inconsequential, when there is a passionate heart ready for a change. Drug addicts can change to become whole, obese folks can change to get back in shape, treacherous spouses can get their homes back in form again.

Everything depends on awareness, passion for change, and then preparing for a turnaround in your life. You must prepare with all your strength, that, you want to see change come.
Understand the price you would pay; being it the loss of friends, being it the giving up of a job, being it a spending of a vacation to uplift your personality, anything… just do it.
It is a battle, so see a breakthrough come, and you must use your preparation to anticipate that. Just understand that preparation would demand from you discipline, tenacity, and endurance.
You would have to fight yourself to move ahead unto the new life, by preparing with all the passionate drive you have. Say no to your old personality, and all it can provide. There would not be any sure improvement when you do not take serious how you must deal with your old personality.

There is the need to redefine your priorities in life, and live up to that. There would be hindrances, and temptations always lingering to pull you back, but you must not listen to them. You must stay focused, and determined, knowing that what you dream is worth pursuing and worth following.
Admit that, you cannot achieve what you wish to do easily. Even with a conscious effort to put things in check, by sticking to your planned ambitions, there would be a likelihood to return to your old personality again.

Understand that, it is only by the passion you have for what you seek that would still keep you moving forward. Preparing, involves understanding the cost, and seeing how to manage things to move in the direction you have set for the dreams of your life.
When you prepare, what you do is that, you use wisely the passionate drive you have. In that, when the zeal that is found in a passion is no more; a scheduled routine, a principled way of living, and habitual practice you pursue would all be present.
Awareness and passion only cannot position you strongly enough to face the battles involved in changing your personality. A perfect key to hold these together is preparation.

Passion would have you make a move, always, but in the initial stages of launching yourself in the most basic steps, it is imperative to get a practical understanding of how the goal or project you seek to reach would be achieved. And this can only be done through preparation.
You must understand your strengths; you must acknowledge the weaknesses you can’t subdue by – preparing yourself.
This is key, as you move along in taking a move to reach your goal. However, to be victorious you must ensure that you are positioned rightly for the change, and you can never be positioned properly unless you do away with the hindrances that you least pay attention to.


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