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Most people would consider the personality they have not wholly; sanguine, choleric, melancholic, or phlegmatic. Therefore, they’d argue that, they do not fall under any of the temperament classifications.
These are people who share two traits. One being dominant, and the other being somewhat inferior.

We shall advance this discussion by expounding on the other 12 possible temperaments, some personalities may fall into.
SanChlor is where a person’s dominant personality is sanguine. He possesses the traits of a choleric but it is not dominant as the sanguine. The choleric would act as a secondary or auxiliary temperament, in order to keep his or her personality balanced.

The SanChlor would be an individual who generally possesses a strong personality. Mostly, such an individual would do well in a team. A pure sanguine may co-operate well in a team, but may not be adequate enough to instill seriousness or a sense of drive in his or her team players, this is because naturally he is sociable, and appears to like everyone around him to feel happy.
A blend of the choleric would be perfect for a leader to possess, as this would help teams focus on what they must reach; or where they must drive towards.
This is evident when you find an individual appearing, cooperative; that is, someone who appears to see everyone as a co-equal whether young or old. You would find out that the dominant trait you would experience such an individual to exhibit is sociability, dependability, and boldness.
In rare occasions however, you may see him to be forceful, and somewhat manipulating. This is the nature of a SanChlor, he possesses traits of leadership, enthusiasm and friendliness.

But there is an easily aroused trait in him, and this makes him a little unbalanced, or demanding when it comes to projects or tasks he wants done.
For instance, it is not uncommon for the SanChlor, to demand from subordinates extra efforts when it appears they are falling behind, when it comes to projects they want done.
Most of the time he is co-operative, inspirational, and supportive when it comes to matters he wants to achieve or reach. But a sudden controlling or manipulating spirit begins to show up when things are not going out the way they were much intended to be.

Indeed, the SanChlor is a very good personality, and one any business owner can call upon to manage his business. He is reliably co-operative, nonetheless, he would never compromise when things are not going the way they were intended to be.
A SanChlor wife or fiancée would appear to be very cooperative, showing good bonding or rapport to his partner. But taking undue advantage of the traits would lead to counteractions that are usually unpleasant. The same can to said taking the case of a husband or loving partner.
A pure sanguine would likely respond to matters of abuse, calmly, and unlikely to be irascible by such actions. Rather, he or she would be optimistic and handle matters gently.

That said, let us look at the opposite of SanChlor, which is ChlorSan. The ChlorSan is an individual that dominantly possesses the choleric trait, having the inferior trait to be the Sanguine trait.
He is very decisive in whatever he tries to embark on in life. He is not an individual who would want to hear the opinions of others, before pushing to give a judgment or take steps towards a particular end.

For the ChlorSan, he is more firm when compared to who a SanChlor would be. Whiles a SanChlor would prefer to move hand-in-hand which his team players, an ChlorSan would rather passionately drive his team players to move in a particular direction he or she has predetermined to act on.
A ChlorSan is a daring personality, and an admirable one. Any individual you would find possessing traits of leadership as well as having a soft spot for people, on very few occasions would be a ChlorSan.

A ChlorSan is very different from what a SanChlor would be, and should not be taken as somewhat similar.
A ChlorSan can never be a collaborator, a team-driver, or someone who is there to inspire others to move together toward a particular goal. This is perfectly who a SanChlor is, and situations or work-environments that depict such environments are where a SanChlor would fit.
For a pure ChlorSan, he is a leader, an enforcer, and forceful in every way he can be. It is very likely for him to put in place drastic policies in order to bring each and every team player toward goals and targets he wants achieved.

A ChlorSan partner would take positions of leadership and control, he or she would adjust to suit the demands of the fellow partner; but naturally, he or she’d desire the ideas to take a priority position.
A SanChlor is more accommodating, friendly and loving. This however may have drawbacks in a relationship since very needful decisions which could have been furthered with urgency would have to be compromised.

A SanChlor would prefer peace, love, and togetherness to prevail in any endeavor or business he is involved in, and would only use his secondary character when it’s highly necessary for him to take forceful steps.
He can be described as a loving father, a welcoming mother or a partner any individual would like to go to.
Whiles a perfect stranger would find no problem at all approaching a SanChlor, gaining friendship or creating a bonding with him, this cannot be said of a ChlorSan.

A ChlorSan wants to be the one always handling matters. He would initiate approaches on people. More often, he would work on gaining grounds concerning things he purports to embark on in life.
It’s unfamiliar for him to accept things without properly analyzing them. Rather, he enjoys to take the head-role in any endeavor he finds himself.
But unlike a complete choleric, a ChlorSan would hardly be quick-temperated, and would stand the chance to control his temper quite well.

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