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A SanMel is an individual who would dominantly have the Sanguine and Melancholic temperaments in him or her, relative to other temperament types. All the same, this individual possesses a high degree of Sanguinity; and this cannot be said with regard to the melancholic temperament he or she would possess.
Because this individual would be described as more of a sanguine than a melancholic, you would find him or her to be somewhat active as compared to the avoiding tendencies a total melancholic would appear to exhibit.

A SanMel would be able to drive teams, as well as contain the various issues that may come up in any business endeavor.
A SanMel has the capacity to contain a lot of burdens and troubles and would receive every sharp criticisms or grievances into thought, deeply, but never right away responding.
He has a strong personality, and can blend in many places as well as endure many traumas in any given life pursuit.
This is an individual who people would really love. He receives issues, yet gives love. He shares, yet bears pain.

He has a great capacity to bear a lot of things, nevertheless, he stands to be hopeful in whatever matter that may come up.
This is someone who would show a cheerful countenance, no matter the situation, and also be a good team player.
The auxiliary nature which is a melancholic would always make him avoid roles of leadership, or power. He appears to be very sensitive to matters, and this would make him not to approach endeavors that would produce further hurts or troubles in him.

You can count on the SanMel to be intelligent, and not quick in venturing risky projects like what you would normally expect a pure Sanguine to be found in.
A SanMel wouldn’t bet, or invest heavily everything he has. However, he would like to be independent, and rely on engaging in projects where he would see results through the efforts he executes.
He would not fancy being in the company of many friends. And though he may end up a leader in any given endeavor, or project he might be involved in; hardly would he decentralize duties.
Though he is free to be with, he would not consider that as a ground to invite people to his inner-circle.

Because of his melancholic trait, he is also a thoughtful personality, and would think through whether it is appropriate or inappropriate to sign on more people into his inner matters or core duties.
The SanMel, is a loving partner. He or she would definitely be romantic, and depict a high sense of emotions. A favorable trait of a SanMel here is that; a SanMel would be forgiven – totally not given thought to wrongs that may have showed up by their lover in a relationship.
A melancholic would rather find hurts to be painful, and would not easily recover from wrong actions a partner exhibits on him or her.
The SanMel would let it pass, and move on; hoping a much better personality would come out of his or her lover.

Now, let us consider the other side; which is a MelSan. The MelSan is an individual that possesses the traits of a melancholic and sanguine, in higher proportions just like what we would expect a SanMel to possess.
But for such an individual, the Melancholic trait is dominant; and would not greatly possess Sanguinity.
There is a lot of misunderstanding an individual may have of a MelSan. Most would assume him to be offended, or put-off when he moves to isolation.

This is because, he would indeed be seen approachable and jovial sometimes. People may think this to be his or her natural personality and would wonder why, all of a sudden, there is strange calmness associated with their friend.
For a pure melancholic, you would find him or her to be a reserved-type. There would be no confusion concerning whether he is put often or not. However, the MelSan, would sometimes demonstrate friendliness and approachability in the things he or she does, and so would confuse an individual with regard to what really is happening to him, or perhaps, who really he is.

In dating, or marriage it’d be very deceiving if a partner decides to hold assumption or judgments with a fellow partner who possesses this personality.
It is very difficult to identify the MelSan personality, and an individual cannot just jump up and place a friend or someone they know as a MelSan.
Also, the MelSan, is a very thoughtful individual. The more you find him or her sociable, it means, the more favorable things or matters are happening to him.
Good days, would successfully create in him to bring out his or her auxiliary nature out. When he or she is happy, he can be very lovable and also enjoying. But you would soon find him swinging moods, during bad times. An individual who is a MelSan, may be prone to depression, and should use contemplation and meditation to heal himself.

People may never know them as quiet, or call them as such. But they truly are calm and reserved individuals. The MelSan would always try to portray friendliness whenever he or she can.
They may be welcoming and approachable, especially to guests and acquaintances. But true friends would attest to the fact that, they would prefer to be alone.
They have mood-swings, very unpredictable, and difficult to please. They would endure insults, ridicules or mockery more of the time.
More often, they would not retaliate like what the choleric would do, but it shall lie deeply in them, and embark to become depressed or reserved in the most unlikely of ways. These are lovers who may divorce or separate without prior notice. It is very disastrous to use the outward expressions of a MelSan to judge his or her state of mind, or mood.

They may smile, but inwardly, they are deeply hurt. And they can greatly endeavor to put a great deal of pain in them, without outwardly expressing it.
But against all these things, they can be very loving people; and if you manage to get into their inner-circle, you would truly find out that they’re great people to be with.

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