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The SanPhleg is a personality of the individual that possesses the sanguine, as well as the phlegmatic temperaments. For such an individual, the dominant temperament that would appear much evident will be sanguine.
This is an individual who would be able to handle a lot of different matters, as well as compose himself with calmness.

These are usually leaders, who allow their subordinates or workers to feel free, doing whatever they believe would be fitting for them.
Such people can indeed be leaders, but they would not be drivers or forceful when it comes to tasks or decisions they must embark on.
It is very common to find them playing, or approaching their subordinates with all friendliness. Sometimes, individuals would take advantage of this character they possess.

More of the time, they cannot act as effective leaders. But they nevertheless, can be good assistants. They can truly be of help to individuals they find themselves to be around.
The SanPhleg is a loving individual, as well as very supportive. Like the SanMel, he can tolerate a lot of issues. He would be able to handle troubles and situations with much calmness.
Whiles the SanMel would be able to handle issues and troubles with much enduring, the SanPhleg would purely let go of issues and worrisome situations. He does not analyze matters that appear to pose much troubles to him.

Rather, he manages to let go, enduring turbulences with peace. They act as assistants, and can greatly encourage managers or bosses, during times of stress or difficulty.
When it comes to the home, they can create an atmosphere of love and peace, unlike any other temperament. And this unique trait they possess makes such people to be good bonders.
There is another thing that the SanPhleg possesses: he is bold and daring. Because of the dominant personality, which is; Sanguine, you would find him to be courageous in whatever thing he or she finds himself or herself to do.

There is nothing that would stop such people once they have made up their mind to make a change, or do something drastic.
Negative words do not bring the spirit of a SanPhleg down, like it may bring people of other temperaments. Rather, they overcome negative words so easily, and move on to their intended goals or objectives.
What can describe the SanPhleg is that: they are people of a positive personality. They do not give up easily and they are encouragers. They learn to mingle well with people also, and they are greatly loved.

Though their natural tendencies would not be leaders – they can drive people to meet targeted goals and objectives just perfectly.
They are somewhat relaxed individuals, nonetheless, they can also demonstrate much activeness especially when it comes to matters they are truly passionate about.
The SanPhleg would always be an approachable kind of individual, he or she is not the kind of person who would demonstrate hostility to people he or she do not know.
They are welcoming, and they love friendship. They are never reserved, rather, they are calm and take on a relaxed position, in whatever given situation they find themselves.

Now pertaining to who a PhlegSan may be; this is an individual who can be described as possessing the dominant trait to be Phlegmatic, and then having the Sanguine temperament as a support to balance his or her nature.
What the PhlegSan would typically possess is the character of a commentator, or a side-watcher who may not engage in an event, but can greatly comment or give his contribution when it comes to how things are going: whether good or bad.

The PhlegSan are never leaders. But they are interesting people. They have passion and drive but do not like to lead the way. They are not fearful individuals, as an individual may think of them to be. Rather, it is in their nature to be followers rather than leaders.
They are relaxed individuals, and would not like to burden themselves with a lot of matters that an ordinary leader might find himself or herself to be engaged in.
What normally they do is to enjoy a discussion, contribute and share their comments regarding how a show is going.
They are naturally jovial people, and may enjoy praising or making mockery. They are very responsive individuals, who would do just anything to express their feelings.

They do not take criticisms or insults said against them seriously. They have a generous spirit, and would easily let go of bad words or situations they may currently find themselves to be involved in.
Additionally, they can be great helpers as well. They would not inhabit grievances in them, and can blend well, no matter where you place them.
In the work-environment, the PhlegSan can blend to work among any team, and they can really act as unifiers or harmonizers among team members. When a quarrel or grievance seems to be springing up among team players, it would take the hand of PhlegSan to lift team members back again.

They have a unique way to mingle well with people. When they act as mediators between difficult people, there is peace.
People who are quick-tempered, unfriendly or even hateful can be managed quite well in a work-environment when a PhlegSan mingles among them. They never hold a grudge; and by their free-spirit, they blend perfectly in any unwelcoming situation.
Their drawback is that, they can end up lazy, and not be awake to feel any sense of drive even when it is required of them to change their manner of behavior.
Though most people would possess greater passion or drive during stressful moments, or near scheduled deadlines, the PhlegSan would just make a joke out of matters and would not bother at all.

To be effective as managers or leaders, such people need either an individual who has a choleric or dominant sanguine temperament to coach or assist them to always stay on track.
Without that, they may end up lazy or demonstrate sluggishness even on strikingly pertinent issues.
All the same, the PhlegSan are perfect peacemakers or bonders, and no matter the situation the speech and mannerisms of a PhlegSan can cause peace to spring up again.

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