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Temperament types tend to break down personality types into a much deeper degree. It is more helpful to take actions from this perspective, compared to taking career or marital actions based on personality types.
Springing up from the great Greek physician Hippocrates, we shall look at these temperaments starting with Sanguinity.
The Sanguine is the active and social personality. They are known as the blood humor, or air element. Those who possess the sanguine personality are clearly lively and animated in spirit.

In the space of any work environment, they can be found to be highly socially useful. They mingle well with people, and help teams to meet objectives as a result of their presence.
Sanguines are known to be very friendly and open in any given situation they find themselves to be in. They are very hospitable people and warm to be with. Just like the air element, they flow wherever they go. Ready to show affection and influence situations positively by their presence.
They have very high interpersonal skills, and any new sprung up team would do well, when there’s the presence of a sanguine in their midst.
They possess great confidence and positivity, and this is not as a result of a vast knowledge they may have in a matter, but it is their nature to act as such.
They’d embark on professions like entrepreneurship, leadership, and mentoring.

They influence people, and always make people remain having a positive mind. Naturally, they are optimistic, and hopeful.
They are more likely to be risk-loving. And would venture any new promising business with the hopes to make good returns.
This can have a downside on their personality, making them inclined to invest or believe matters so easily.
A woman who is a sanguine can easily trust a man, taking him for every word he says, though he might not mean the words he says to her.

The hopeful and believing personality makes them more prone to be flimflammed. Mostly, they believe they would not act like that, and therefore believe everyone would in the same manner not do so.
When a business is not doing well and everyone seems to be frustrated, a pure sanguine would still remain positive, believing hope is going to come.
They don’t easily quit a role they find themselves doing, whether be it a job or project – they always stick to plan.
They are very sociable people to be with. In a team, what they think about is how to make the team go forward. They see hope, possibility and potential whenever they find themselves in a particular engagement.

Other people holding other personality types can do well in a team, but none can drive better a team like a sanguine. They know what to do to make each team player collaborate with a fellow team player well. They can also be seen very bold and expressive under different circumstances and situations.
Once they get to understand the position or mission of the endeavor they embark in, they learn to make each individual within that venture remain committed. They are also very faithful friends. They’re loyal to whoever comes their way. And it is not uncommon of them to expect that a reciprocal treatment would also be granted to them.
But that is not often the case. Their steady and reliable attitude makes them abide to a project, whether things are going on well or not.
A sanguine is dominantly expressive but not necessarily thoughtful. This sometimes makes them overoptimistic.

A sanguine marrying another sanguine, has a danger of partners risking too much of their income on an investment or venture that promises towering returns, due to the high positive energies they have.
A deep thinking counterpart like a melancholic or choleric is a good fit, that a typical sanguine must have.
Also, sanguines possess a hopeful and positive attribute at all times.
They easily let go of wrongs done to them. Either because they believe that person can change, or there is a better situation that is going to come up for them in the future, they let go of any mischievous act done against them.
Sanguines can be seen a lot of time as bold people. They can be good leaders of diverse businesses and undertakings. What they do is to direct a team very well towards desired goals and objectives.
Because of their believing spirit, they inspire colleagues that goals set are feasible, achievable and realistic.

They do not allow crises in a business to hamper their spirit, in any time, rather they move on and get a business going – through both the good times and the bad times.
They hold a cheerful countenance, and do not keep records of wrongs. They are always faithful in a relationship or friendship, and though a partner may betray or deny them, they always remain loyal. They do not easily give up on a person, but understand that people can change.

Because it is the natural disposition of them to let go of offenses, it makes them have a healthy mind and well being. A trouble that would break a melancholic, would easily be handled by a sanguine, because he knows that everything is going to be fine.
They stand by the adage: all is well. Unnecessary ponderings like how or why such a thing should happen to be, is not something a sanguine would likely do.
Rather, they would make their own judgment that declares: better things are yet to come.

Though they can be good leaders, they desire not to hold domination or complete governance over a team, but rather, to see themselves as equal team players who are striving for the same end or goal.
A sanguine can adapt to tough situation, and pass through it without falling into frustration. They are always lively, hopeful and cheerful.
They see possibility ahead of seemingly impossible situations; and see favorable result when all others may see failings.

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