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You have to be able to direct your nature in manners that you desire to follow. Every person has his own drives and interests, and that would determine a lot of things that goes on in his or her life.

Be specific, and direct your actions to things that improve your nature. Be deliberate and direct your actions in matters that you believe have core influences on your personality.
When people see you, they don’t see your distinct attributes you possess, for they can only have a broad outlook of things.
You are the only one who has the ability to see yourself in detail; you can see your strengths, you can see the weaknesses you are battling against, and you can understand the fears you go through.
To be effective as a leader, you must break down your personality and see what is working and what is not working. If it is necessary to study your temperament to acquire a better understanding of yourself, study it.

To be confident in leadership, you must know the things you can easily handle, and you have to know the things you are not too good at.
Don’t embrace just anything into your life; don’t accept everything into your circle. Rather, be intentional and be deliberate in whatever thing you allow in your life.
You are the director of your life; and to be a leader people can rely on, you must ensure that you know what you are doing, and believe that what you are doing is the right thing to do.
Without that, you are not going to really influence those who come to you.
You cannot impact effectively those who come to you; desiring to see change in their own lives, and seeking to be supplied with those needs they seek. But if you are able to direct your personality, you become confident in the things you stand for.

You can tell others to follow a specific path, and you can help others along the way to that path, but if you do not consciously direct your actions, you may tell people what is right to do; and in fact, you may happen to help them, but you can never be an effective leader.
This is because you do not understand or have practical knowledge in the things you affirm, or in the things you teach.
You have to establish in your heart that you are only going to influence others concerning things you have knowledge and interests in.
Do not direct your passions towards things that are trending; do not direct your emotions towards things that have gained popularity, for these things are bound to change within any given period of time.

Rather, ensure you direct your passions and interests in matters that are pertinent to the traits you possess. If you possess a particular trait that makes you good at arithmetic calculations, channel your studies and pursuits in things that deals in estimations and calculations.
For you would be faster, and in the long-run you would be a good role model for people to look up to, compared to matters of literacy and writings.
Direct your natures in matters that would give you a competitive advantage. When you do this, you allow yourself to out-compete those around you. You are able to achieve this because, it is by your traits you direct your passions.

If you do not desire doing things you are embarking right now, then take a second look, if you have to change. You should live your life being happy, and not stressing.
Doing things that stir in you no passion is time-wastage, and not appropriate to embark on in life.
If you want to lead others, you have to see things you do as a responsibility or obligation.
So assuming your lifelong obligation entails matters you have no passion or drive about, what do you think you do to your soul?
You are hurting yourself when you struggle in matters that you have no interest in. You can only attain peace of mind, when you return and do things that your natural personality sees interest to embark in.

Act through your traits, and develop your traits. When you do this, you would be admirable, and people would draw to you. This is because they know you are an expert in the specific field you have gained mastery in.
You can gain knowledge, and have a workaround in a lot of matters. You can even feign a personality on yourself.
But all these would not last.
What would last is when you a remain true to your personality, and learn to develop it.
Direct your natures in be involved in career pursuits that give room for you to execute your personality traits. Social engagements where people tend to describe you by the things you do, should always be done with the consciousness that you are going to allow your traits to come to play, whatever the activity is.
When you are able to direct your nature, you’d see that you tend to now become confident. You now start to believe that things you dream for yourself can come to effect, and you can be able to help people live their dream like you.

People like and trust people who are confident in the things the affirm or pursue. No one would follow you on a project when you have doubts regarding the thing you are pursuing.
The leader is the core of any business, so be strong and fortify yourself to lead a team to success no matter what barriers may show up.
A team player can have doubts concerning a project, clients can leave your side, and supporters can also leave; but still a project would progress if the leader still remains resolute.
A leader controls everything. So if you have decided to be a leader, know what you are going into.
You are going into a life of responsibilities, where there is no turning back and where people would look up to you to be always, and only the best.


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