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You should be able to take responsibility in terms of what you believe to be your life-vocation. No one would remind you that you are to serve others, or self-develop yourself. If you do not have a purposeful view of things, you would not hold on to your dream for long.

Dreams, are the tranquil truths that we have in our inward selves, and they are what reminds us that we have to walk on that path. But no other human being can speak clearer to us like this, only our inner beings are perfect to remind us on who we are.
Responsibility for what we have, can be similarly stated as, love for what we possess.
See it as a diamond stone in your hands, after you have sold all your possessions for it. You value it as your life, and your all.
That is the same weight of value you should place on your unnoticed treasure. These are the gifts, and inborn skills you intuitively realize you possess. Treasure it above all, and you shall understand how needful you have to take full responsibility of it.
Most often than not, situations come our way that tells us to quit on pursuing on life callings. They appear subtle, and can give noteworthy arguable considerations.

This may include: the offering of a good paying job that has nothing to do with your inward skills; the trending on a different path because family, friends or leaders are saying to you that path seem okay, or better.
You have to think through, that in the end are you going to be fulfilled, assuming you die doing that vocation. Or, are you going to better the lives of people through your gifts with that specific vocation.
If the answer is no to both or either of this, you have to flee from such enticements. Work on your dream, work hard so much so that you would gain mastery in your called endeavors. This would make you more excellent, and an impactful person.

Take responsibility and don’t lose it. Take care of your inward drives and guard them as a gemstone. This would make you a focused individual and help you work out on your dreams. It would increase the speed with which you are able to achieve the activities of your goals. This is because you are able to destroy all distractions that came your way.
And you would not compromise. Be willing and ready at all times to do that which would make you advance in the realizations of your dreams. You must be willing and ready to cut off friends that slow you down on focusing on your dreams when they are around you.
If you see your visions in life to be your very life, no one can convince you that that path is not the path you are to take. Because you have already become convinced that you deserve to tread that path and that path alone can give you joy.

Responsibility to you gifts, means that you do guard you heart to cleave to it. And that other gifts and way of life hold no concern to you, except that which pertains to you. When the boundaries of your life is set you see clearly if you are treading off from what is necessary and essential.
You know where you are going, and that picture appears conscious to you at all times. So any unbefitting way of life would trigger to you, that something is wrong and you would remain steady to walk only on the path that you have been called to walk.
Being responsible also transcends beyond identifying your life vocation and guarding it. More importantly, it depicts that the unpolished treasure in you must be pursued after, until it turns polished.

It clearly involves training and diligence so that you would become a professional in whatever you follow. If you love what you do, you naturally spend time to perform tasks pertaining to it and you do not find such things to be a burden.
Continue steadfastly in improving yourself, until you make it to the very top. It would not come easy, but a determined mind can never be disturbed to quit. If you are purposeful with single-mindedness you would be able to reach far.
Scarcely, there would be insightful men and woman or even friends who are able to see a noticeable skill you possess. And would approach you with words like: I see you to be a pretty good singer; I see you are a good writer; you are a good tennis player.

When people say things like this to you, you must sit back and check to see whether you have realized that for yourselves. You might not yet be a professional, or recognized person in that specific art, however, you seem to have a flair in that specific thing.
If you see you spend only little time in training, compared to a normal individual, probably you have a special gift in that and it is worth considering to look into that gift.
Do not just jump up, to ask a mentor to train you immediately, especially when you are new to a specific skill you never realized you had, but now realize you do. First, learn to understand yourself on how you operate that skill, better than the average man.

Identify weaknesses that drains your skills sharpness, and see the strengths that you find to boost your gift. When you have gained a fair knowledge about this, you can now decide on a professional mentor to train you or decide to follow your life-path alone.
But if you do not fully understand your gifts, and the reasons why you think that gift is to be treasured, you would be mentored and coached into a different life path in the end. The reason being that you did not truly understand yourself when you decided to follow someone. But if you understand you true-self’s identity, you would be safe.
Hence, there is the need to build a steady foundation.

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