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We can feel more alive if we work on our lifestyle. There are many unrefined lifestyles however a decent lifestyle is hard to find. It takes the art of studying wellness.
We have to be conscious of our day to day activities we embark on. Being conscious means being in the state of awareness. It also means to be mindful of an external object or something within oneself.

It is not easy to be conscious of our inner self. We may experience health, however we may lose awareness of improving our life.
It is mandatory for us to reflect on our inner self if we want to grow in wellness. We are what we think. Although majority of what we imagine remains in the subconscious mind, the conscious aspect of our mind holds tremendous influence on our tomorrow.
We must try to awaken all our sense organs to be more receptive. One best way to do so is to embark on exercising regularly.

We can decide to set a reminder for ourselves so that we would not fall short of missing a session. Jogging, running and skipping are good ways for us to train ourselves to feel more alive. There is a lot of potential on the inside of us.
But first we have to look within. If we look on the outside, we are not going to build a good sense of wellness.
Basically, we are what we think. So if there is a need for us to train our mind to imagine only positive thoughts, then we have to. Staying alive basically means staying conscious.
We must learn to shun the company of friends that do not inspire change in us. There is an adage that declares; show me your friend and I would show you your character.

This is essentially true in every sense. We would admit that most of the friends we have do not live in wellness although they are healthy. They have an unfavorable view to life.
Cutting these friends off our quality time would not do us any harm. Rather it is going to make us focus on achieving the set targets we have set for ourselves to reach.
Sometimes we need to be alone so we can focus on the established objectives and targets we have set for ourselves. We are in charge of our destiny and it depends on us to move it forward or move it backward.
Wellness implies taking standard values and incorporating them in our lives. If there is the need for us to have 5 friends out of a 100, we should have them. There is no cause to be afraid.

It is better for us to have the capacity to move with speed and momentum, than to delay our goals and targets because we walk with friends who do not appreciate our ambitions.
We can stay more alive by appreciating our visions, taking on consciousness and thinking positively. We should also invest in reading books of wellness. This strategy would help us understand wellness from a better perspective.
We would not be lacking of good information needed for good living. However, we must remember that reading is just one slight portion of the wellness cake.
A larger portion is the actions we put up day by day. Do we ignore practicing reflection and meditation by giving excuses? We must not put the blame on a job role we do.

We must learn to prioritize our actions appropriately. We can achieve a high level of freedom if we make up our minds we are going to stick to wellness guidelines.
Recreation is also highly essential if we want to feel freer and more alive. Recreational activities are often usually undertaken for enjoyment, amusement, or pleasure.
This has the ability to heal the body in many ways. Whether we go to a park, mountain, beach or a distant hotel, let us keep in mind that we are going there to recoup our lost energies.
If we see that we are losing awareness of our surroundings, let us pick ourselves back up to experience the environment. Awareness is a skill that has to be learned.

We are to dwell on the moment and enjoy whatever the society throws at us. Procrastination is something we may encounter when we plan to experience recreational leisure.
To feel more alive, there is the need to go for actions that wake up our senses. Recreation is a key element and we must seek to engage in such activities if we have the chance to secure it.
Additionally, we shall talk of sleep. Sleep has the capacity to make us feel more alive in ways we never dreamed of.
Do we sleep 10 hours or perhaps we sleep 2 hours each day? The minimum expected hours of sleep per day is 7 to 8 hours. When we sleep at night, we put the body on standby.

The body systematically recoups the lost energies it experienced during the day. During the next day we would feel more alive that we imagine.
We must not substitute work for anything we might find desirable. Optimum work performance is secured when we regulated properly the amount of sleep we take.
Mental discomforts such as suffering to sleep can be solved when we practice a number of wellness techniques.
We can decide to do stretching exercising. This is to relax the nerve tissue as well as make our mind and body refreshed.

Let us try to sleep at least 8 hours each night so we can achieve high productivity levels during the day.
We cannot conclude the art of feeling more alive without talking about the impact water has on the body. Water serves as a refreshing agent. Our body is able to excrete impurities with the help of water.
Pumped blood is able to move properly inside the body. The brain is also able to function more effectively. Awareness has to do with the power of our brain. If water is taken in adequate amounts we would not complain about spontaneous dizziness and loss of interest.

Alertness is achieved in whatever activities we engage ourselves in. Becoming more alive requires us to make a conscious effort to follow wellness principles.
Without a strong desire to reach good wellness we might only be living, but we would not feel truly alive.
The art to feeling more alive is not easy, however, when we start to walk on that path the potential to reach our destination gets easier.

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