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It is very necessary that you stir the affairs of your own life, and not allow others to dictate the direction you are to embark on. When you allow yourself to control the decisions you pursue in life, you get to be able to take more effective decisions.

You must be conscious that, you are first a leader of your own life, before you become a leader for others. So if you are not able to make the leadership personality in you, assume development, you may be effective helping others reach their goals and objectives, but you would in no way improve your own life.
Therefore, consider to first improve your own life, and also, consider to first make your life something you are satisfied about.
Then after this, you can go ahead to encourage others to work out their lives to be in that direction.
Most of the things you would notice when you discover and build your traits is that, there is no guidance involved.

You know you are graced with a certain particular personality; you know you are improving yourself to be attain a mastery level; but you would realize there is no guiding structure concerning how issues regarding your traits must be performed.
Without structure or properly outlining things you want to pursue in life, you can end up unconsciously deviating from targeted goals and objectives you pursue.
Make a conscious effort to know where you are going, what you want to achieve, and how you want to live. Without that, you would just be thrown to do things you may in the end not have wanted to involve yourself to embark in, in the first place.

So be intentional when it comes to directing your nature. It is true you may want to acquire more followers. But these masses always come because they have a need, and they believe you are the one to help them best.
So do not try to live your life for others, live your own life to first develop your individuality. It is unnecessary to tell people you are capable to meet a certain need, because by your works you shall justify yourself whether you have what the masses seeks or you don’t have them.

Before you consider declaring yourself to others, as the best candidate for something; before you consider convincing team players to remain true to objectives and goals; consider this:
• Do you have what it takes to lead the team?
• Are you the best model that a person would look up to concerning that given project or undertaking?
• Do you truly desire or yearn for what you are embarking on?

You must analyze all this, before you embark in any given endeavor. Know that, the traits you have would be what would make you effective or ineffective over the long-term.
Your personality is a very complex thing, and it would not take a day or year to figure all of it. You therefore have to spend time with yourself and know aspects about your personality you don’t know yet.

Discover daily, the things you are effective in. Learn things you can naturally do better with little effort, and see things you desire naturally to embark in.
When people see this, they just draw close.
But if you learn a given way to perform a task, without the appreciation of any trait you have; you may end up to become disinterested in them in the long run.
Do not let what drives you be people you direct; do not let what drives you be people who follow you; rather, let what drive you be the desires and passions you have for yourself.
Because, this is what would keep you going in the long run. This is what would hold you on, when everything seems to disinterest you.

So consider to improve yourself. Consider to focus on things that you know you possess an interest in.
If you are thinking about how you would improve your personality, without considering external influences, then you would end up getting the results you seek.
The external environment is ever-changing, and never remaining the same.
But you are the one who controls the inward drives and emotions. And you are responsible of how you direct it. If you think too much about pleasing your followers; you may give little thoughts to the things you embark in life.
But you should give more priority to things that are needful and essential, whether your team players understand it or not.

You are not a leader just to appear the best before the eyes of the people you lead; or those who admire you.
You are a leader to appear best to yourself. And this can only be achieved by taking into consideration your goals; whether you were able to attain them or not.
A leader must learn to receive motivation inwardly.
So you must decide that you want to reach something, and have a certain view that, only by the attainment of that thing would you feel fulfilled.
And this does not take into consideration whatever people think.
If you are leading people, understand that the people came for a need but not you in person, so direct your actions to provide the best need to them, but not to please them.

Manage your nature to only act according to actions that are found in your traits.
Manage who you bring to your life-circle, if you know they are going to weaken you from pursuing notable actions that is required of you to perform, then create a boundary wall.
Learn to manage your nature, and direct it to matters that you desire to have it directed. For by so doing, you are going to turn out to be more effective as a leader.
You would be able to improve your life, and more so, you would be able to influence others to act in right actions that is required of them to follow.
But if you consider the governing of your character to be something trivial, then you would not be able to execute results notable leaders achieve.


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