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You have to move, you have to launch yourself forward, and no one would do that for you if you are not willing to take a step yourself.
The time is now, today, right where you are. Not tomorrow, not a more favorable condition you expect to have someday, but today and in your present condition.

You must take steps to move up high. More often than not, we would not reach our expectations in the first attempt. If you want to be a good swimmer, and this is what you have always admired to do, swim.
It is not the very first day of training that would cause you to achieve where you want to be when it comes to swimming.
You desire to swim, it is indeed a good thing, but you just started, remember that.

Naturally, do not expect to be like someone who is already an achieved mastery in the field of swimming, overnight. The tactics of swimming are being unveiled to you, bit by bit, and by your passionate drive to swim, you are causing an expeditious progress by what you do.
Start small; start right now. And so far as the passion you have burning on the inside of you is not dead, then you are at liberty to live freely. It is a new life you are inculcating into your personality and the effort you have started to exert in the works you do would not be in vain, if truly what you dreamed to be was something you were passionate about.

See the reward as gratifying even before you start taking a step to achieve the ambition. See the loss of the old life not worthy enough to be compared to the new life you are going to embrace.
The things you do should be intentional, especially in the early stages of developing your ambition. Be consistent on the plan you have intended for yourself. Useful tools like setting a reminder on your phone, jotting down points to take in a handy notebook, telling a faithful friend to remind you on what you must be doing, would go a long way to keep you focused on the pursuit of your new way of life.

Let’s take for instance, here: The passion for the losing of weight.
You see the ideal body shape you desire to have for yourself; you see your state today. That it’s not so good, and you are definitely aware of that. Suddenly, it dawns on you that if you had given yourself to good dieting, and perhaps exercised more the previous year, the story pertaining to the body shape you have compounded on yourself would have changed.
Upon this awareness, you are not lethargic, as most people today are, but you are passionate to look healthier and you decide to take a move to effect that change. Here is the focal point that calls immediate actions to be implemented, or you would have the targeted desire to get along in shape to be downplayed.

Plan on how to do it, this implies that don’t just move, but plan.
Estimate the time period expected to have this ambition achieved realistically.
Take into consideration the strength and energy you are going to execute on yourself.
Have a point of reference to keep you in check so you remain faithful to the plans you have desired to do. Set a schedule, declaring the days, hours and minutes involved for your workout in any given week.

Stick to it, with the help of a good companion or alert. For instance; a PC, Phone, or a Buddy would be enough to keep you on your toes.
This can apply to any habit we would like to inculcate in ourselves. All we must realize is that we hold dear what we desire to attain, reach or imbibe within ourselves.
It is the thirst to reach something worth pursuing that would encourage us to go all length to achieve that.
We must move forcefully, not impassively but with every expressive passion we can contain in ourselves and we would reach the very high height we never thought ourselves to reach.

Usually, what we desire to reach is an indication saying that, that is the place we are to be, but only if we’d cut ourselves from our localizations and former spots we have been placed. There is the need to change our positioning before we can be fully functional in the new life we hope to see so dearly.
The outlook has to change, a positive outlook of yourself has to be embraced and believed to be true before real changes can be seen and effected in your life. Moving to an entirely new life calls on much daring and courage, and patience also.
We must with that attain mastery. This is not attained in a moment but has to be built steadily.
You can be a basketball player, but you cannot be a professional basketball player just because, you so desire it. It is a whole new ball game that essentially cannot be realized with just passion.

It involves engulfing yourself in every aspect of basketball; the skill of the playing of basketball, and the vigor your body must carry along with it.
An analogy can be built to indicate that a picture of what we aim to become should be understood more effectively. We must understand the goal we desire to reach has broader aspects than what we see superficially, in that it encompasses different set of skills, or performance of services than the general outlook.
That notwithstanding, everything begins with a step. A step taken would then release higher facets intended to get you on the know-how. But if you restrain on taking a first move you would not be able to get yourself together, to take more complex steps that is incumbent on you to take if you so desire to be the ideal model of a personality you seek.

The time to take the first move, is now and today. And it involves two things: away from the bad habits, and progressing to pick up the good habit you have envisaged for yourself.
Bad habits can leech on our bodies like an awful parasite, so much so that, is it hard to be done away with.
Nonetheless, the passion for a change is effective enough to be the inspiration to propel any person into a new state of affairs. Just take the little initiating steps that everyone takes before attaining high noting marks of achievement.
You are untied to dream as high as you want, you are at liberty to envision in any altitude of greatness you wish for yourself, but in all this, making a practical move is what would make that dream realizable, and it does not matter how small the first step taken perceive to appear, it is by the doing of this that you would go on further with what you have set to pursue.

Sometimes we tend to slack back because we think the steps that we are taking are too weak, or to be precise, ineffective to cause the change we seek.
That is not true! rather, it is by the taking of these little steps that our experience is enhanced and the way to go about what to do now becomes laid plain before our eyes. So the time to activate your emotions channeled to chase a specific goal is now and not tomorrow.
There is no better day suitable for the acting of your goal like today, and so you should be proud to be taking steps today, but not an unforeseeable tomorrow which may never be to our advantage.

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