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It would have been a very carefree way of living, if we are to think that the dreams we have in our life is only for self-development. That the inward desires we sense buried deep down within us are only there so we can live anyway in our own pleasure with it.
But there is more; it is not only about us that we seem to have our gifts and natural desires, but for the benefit of the world.

Therefore, we must equally see that the yearnings we have when polished in its master levels, after we work on them, would not only create mastery for ourselves but also we would find ourselves to be truly helpful to the world as well.
We would find our place, and the world in its totality would be a better world because we came. That is why we must see our dreams clearly. Yearnings and desires we find in ourselves are only cues to bringing out a structured way of life for us.
And it is in this that we would begin to live our life as a calling. I do not mean to sound fearful, that there would be sure punishments from an unseen hand should we fail in our calling. There is nothing like that.

What I imply more is, until you are about to channel what you do for the benefit for others, what have you truly accomplished. You may benefit yourself by understanding life, and gaining much knowledge, but if you never taught your principles so that even a single soul could carry that precious wisdom after you are gone, to me, you have not done well.
Therefore, self-development alone without service to mankind is like: a book that has never been written; and song that has never been sung; or a possibility that has never been created. And there is no exaggeration to that.
Dreams that have been able to turn in a vocation or established piece of works are what are worth talking about. They are what holds our world together so it does not sink. Inventors, Sages and Artists are those that have brought our world to an acceptable level, where it is.

And this earth would greatly advance, if we all decide to follow that path. But not blindly, being students of what we don’t understand, but rather, a follower of what is already deeply seated in us. That is where even we would find great joy for ourselves. So we have to reflect and decide on the pursuance of who we were called to be.
There is a lot of lack in this world, problems, some appearing clearly and others appearing blurry. We seeing our dreams in us can help solve a couple of them. That does not mean, we should think about problems we can’t handle, only breaking ourselves since we cannot help on resolving them.

We should also not be too altruistic, giving out more than we have. This is also useless. We must understand what we must change, and we must be actively involved in that change through the use of our gifts. That is where our calling is. And that is where we can sacrifice a great deal of our life towards the rectifying of the problem.
Other than that, we are causing baseless pain to ourselves, by ridding ourselves of our time, money, and energy.
But money is never lost when we put it in things we hope to solve, and have a fair knowledge of the possibility and reasonableness behind it being solved. Time is never lost when placed in things our talents were meant to be used on. Energy is never drained when we sacrifice our whole strength to cause a lacking in this world to be filled.

Believe that what you do is worthwhile, necessary and useful. If you devote yourself in what you do, and appreciate the fact that the toils and labor you exert in the performance for it is a fitting thing to do, then you would realize the fact that you would not grumble of failures or defeats which take place as you pursue your goals and dreams.
Since you believe that your special vocation is a burning desire, natural energies are brought up anytime you fail or do not reach an intended target. Anytime someone talks you down on a step you are desiring to pursue, or you see many people declaring to you how unsuitable a task you do, you should not feel depressed and despised. You have a burning dream still on the inside of you.

However, if you follow after pursuing things you don’t understand, and someone talks you down from it, you would find yourself fully dropping away from doing the task. That is why we need to see our life-vocation as a calling.
This is what would keep us devoted to it against all odds. This would make us achieve great sacrifices in the advancement of our life-vocation, and in the end we are going to be very beneficial to both ourselves and the community.
The life-vocation we do, must be integrally centered on our dreams and passions. We must yearn after it, so much so that, we end up getting bored when we are not involved in doing activities that pertain to it.

The heart desire towards our goals and passions is the sure proof for success. It is what makes us achieve great lengths in our visions and dreams. If we live our lives always remembering that we are to serve others, and that we can only serve people effectively through our life’s work we would feel more fulfilled and enriched in our what we do.
So there is the need for us to press hard and not give up, in matters that pertain to our calling. Gifts and talents that we have been naturally endowed with, whether polished or unpolished is the only treasure we have to share with many people as we can.
Therefore, concerning our gifts and talents, let us be responsible.

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