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If the firm, grounded and established foundations of your life has been set, do not be afraid to walk and build your long dreamed life.
It comes to a point where you must decide to take actions even if the road is not laid clear for you.

It comes to a point where you must risk and not fear to make losses. If you don’t act now, who told you that a couple of days, weeks or years, things are going to turn out the better. It is not always so, sometimes it is even the opposite, so do not be afraid to take your chances.
When you have so longed to build your character, habits, and principles, further them by involving them in your dream work.
It is said that opportunity would take you to a place but it is character that would make you stay there. Because this principle works 99% of the time, choose to have the principle work for you from back to front.

That is say, I would first have character and when opportunity presents itself, I would abide there permanently. But opportunity never presents itself in a sleep which is just similar to that of knowledge.
If you desire a thing, search out for opportunity, or depending on the situation work out the opportunity. This is something very common entrepreneurs must do.
If life does not provide a silvery spoon to you, who stops you from creating a silvery spoon and feeding yourself with it.
It may happen that people would search for your talents, but it mostly never happens so make a way for yourself.

Decide that you would not wait on tomorrow to begin your life’s work. Foundations were days of hard work, determination and stretching. And that all was a training ground, which without you would be unsuccessful to achieve.
All that was to prepare you for display in life’s field or arena. You learned, but it is to pass the exam; you exercised, but it is to get back in shape; you sketched but you have to make an excellent portrait.
And as you are on course to walk and build you are taking your dreams and extending your boundaries.
You are creating life itself and you don’t have to fear to begin, even if you think you do not have all it takes to finish.

Do not only focus in what you can do, also focus on the things you dare can try; because who knows, you may be able to do that too. Sometimes we are comfortable doing only those things we are familiar with, and we don’t venture to cross our borders but that is not the path for growth.
If only we can dare try, we would see that some of the things we were scared to even begin was simple as ABC, only if we tried our hands on it.
Walking and building our life demands consistency.
The talent does not make a man, it is the constant persistence and diligence of a man that makes a man. A house is not built in a day.

But when would a house be completed if it is never started. So it demands from you to begin something by taken chances now.
It is your first time, yes, but even if you fail you know you would have learnt a lot.
A lot to avoid in the future should you attempt to try again. So walk on your foundations of life. Foundations are not made for themselves to be dwelt there, they are made to be walked on.
When you enter a house, you never see a foundation all you see is a plastered floor.
But unless you ask the constructer of the building or the owner of the building you can never tell the depths of the foundation. Nobody wants to see your foundations of sweat and labor. All they want to see is the glorious expeditious work.

You know what you are made of. You need the foundation, you need the training, you need the waiting. The rest may not care about that, but you definitely care about that because you know that without that you would never succeed launching out a thing.
So stick to your foundations and build. Build the work with small beginnings, but with a big dream. That is all it takes.
Great people when seen in the limelight when asked how they achieved or performed a great spectacle might tell you; they got lucky, the stars favored them, they did not even know a great thing as such would be done by them, and all easy words the public wants to hear.
But is there one of them who never had to build their foundations first?
Of course not.

There would scarcely be one of them whose walk of life turned out smoothly with just their first shot.
Many had to build and rebuild, and many had to live with setbacks first.
So don’t listen to the today word that people who have already reached a certain height tell you. They are living by their past glories of hard work and persistence.
Now they may not put in much effort, but their past works guards their position of limelight.
So know that, you are not like them, for you, you are beginning with the basics. You have never received a medal to rest upon, neither an award to showcase, neither a standing ovation to proclaim and neither a red-carpeted treatment to take a shot of.
So persist.

Persist until you make it to the top. And that can only be done by walking life step by step and building blocks of life brick by brick.
It is to our own advantage that we begin accomplishing life goals slowly. This is because, the pure joy of achievement can only occur in our hearts when we have already imbibed hard work in our lives.
But the beginning phases of walking and building your dream life would not have you reach the top that moment, it would only give you fruitful first-hand experiences for the future.
Know it might even present light sufferings and losses, but it is meant for you not to rest there but to pass through.
As you pass through these raging waters don’t fret, face the fears and overcome them.

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