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Dream to be a champion in your field of endeavor, you need to speak to yourself that yes you can. You need to tell yourself that what you are doing is possible. You need to tell yourself that you are going to burn the midnight candle if it demands so from you.
For that is when you can reach the dream you desire to reach.

There would also be barriers that would stop you. There would be pitfalls and deathtraps but don’t let that distract you. Let yourself be strong. The human heart is very powerful especially when you have a determined heart. Take your goal in your hands and live it.
Live your life as you determine the results.
You were born with immerse capabilities and potentials. But both environment and we ourselves have shaped ourselves not to do much. We restrict ourselves and settle for the mediocre.
We settle for the average, not stretching. We are content and do not press on. That is the path to the ordinary life. But that is not what we are call to do. We are called to keep stretching, and that is where we would get the satisfaction of doing a work.

Let yourself be composed and know that brick by brick you would be able to uproot the giants that holds your dreams back.
In all the world the true achievers are distinguished by the ordinary just by a simple thing – choices. We decide day in day out on what to do, but do what we dream about matter?
Do what we dream of seem worth it to us?
If we do not prioritize our choices. The choices of life would throw what it has to us. This would lead to your downfall but if you believe what you have dreamed can be a reality you would be amazed where you can reach.
Tell yourself that you are going to stretch real hard and there is nothing to stop you. Tell yourself each morning that you are made for greatness. Destined to do exploits. If a man does not envisage himself to one day do an extraordinary thing in his life, how can he do the great.

There should be a burning desire deep within, and this would be the stepping stone to achieve the spectacular.
The world was naturally created to have difficulties. This is the test that would separate the weak from the strong. The strong are those that take the bull by the head and face life challenges by themselves.
Those that fall are those that simply settle. They are known by their name – the mediocre. The mediocre are the indifferent that do not care their state they are in. They don’t care because they have puts their spirits to sleep. They are existing and not living.
To be alive is to dream and live it. You have to possess something deep within you that those around you can’t see it yet.
If you see a dream you want to follow, you don’t have time to put your spirit to sleep. Dreamers are the achievers, the well-livers and blessed. That is the whole difference.

One sees hope, possibility and feasibility of a goal, while the others fear to dare. You should not hold back on your dream. You should hold your life on your own and direct it. You have to take your heart and make it direct your passions.
Passions can be thrown at you, but if you hold back and let your predetermined good passions drive you, you shall be a dreamer. A dreamer who accomplishes the great. But that would not come by just wishing, it comes by being faithful to your passions.
Negative life habits may come but you have to trust yourself to do the good. Trust yourself that the positive life habits that you see is what you would ensure to bring out. This would make what you see a dream come true.
You see (desire to become) a healthy body, you see (desire to achieve) riches, you see (desire to experience) a fruitful relationship, and more.

These cannot be without a conscious effort to reach them.
You must sometimes say to yourself, “I thirst to see my dream become a dream come true.”
When your wish to see what you hope for come to pass, it must not be a one-off thing. It must be a burning desire that holds you in. It remains on you to stay addicted to that goal until you see what you desire achieved.
But this is not going to be easy.
When you’re first trying to have yourself consumed on your goals you shall realize that there are equally other things that want to take your attention. They would fight you to keep yourself off your dreams. They would weigh you down by telling you that it is not achievable.

But are you going to let that win over you, or you are going to allow your dream have a better part of you. It’s your choice. And know you are not going to be accountable to anyone but yourself.
So be careful to be consumed by critiques you hear. Do not let that define you. You and you alone are accountable to yourself every day.
Just know that there comes a point that even your best-friend is not going to even understand your thoughts and emotions you experience even if he wishes to. Your family may not break down to get everything you are going through all the time.
This is an indication that you are responsible and accountable to you alone. That is a cue on how to plan your life. So be truthful to yourself and develop yourself.

Get on again on your goals, get on again on your dreams and get on again on your life ambitions. It does not mean that you should cut off your friends, no, but rather embrace them but only to your advantage.
If your friends bring you lesser to your dreams, then be wise, walk alone.

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