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It is much easier to dwell on the negative than to dwell on the positive. This is because the pathway to the negative life are many. However, the pathway to a positive life are few.
We have to be intentional in making right choices. That is the only way we are going to benefit in the long term.
Wrong consciousness are attitudes that we might have acquired as we were growing up. Until the knowledge regarding how to live in good wellness is revealed we would have no way of escaping such traumas.

To recognize and deal with wrong consciousness, we first have to evaluate the past activities we performed. Let us look in retrospect the activities we performed a year ago. We would realize that most of the activities do not correspond to good wellness.
If we had the imagination of stress in the past, let us seek to understand how this year’s activities would be done with relaxation. Stress is one of the critical negative imaginations people face.
This in the long run is able to affect our health negatively. We can avoid this by looking for smart ways to do tasks.

Productivity is necessary, but if we execute activities under a stressful mindset, then we are no way helping ourselves. We have to reason on new ways we are going to perform that previous task.
We can perform our work activities in intervals, rather than working constantly for long hours. For instance, we can take a lunch break at the work place instead of draining the body to work without breaks.
We can greatly improve our performance if we recognize that we can perform tasks without stress.

Also, we should consider to set realistic current goals. Sometimes because people want to achieve huge successes in the short term, they break themselves to perform tiring tasks.
We have to set realistic targets. For instance, if we were working 8 hours at the workplace each day, we can set our target for this year to 10 or 11 hours. Setting it to 18 hours is unrealistic.
Training the body and the mind has to be done systematically. This is where we are going to yield tangible results. After setting our working hours to 11 hours each day for this year, we might be successful to increase the time period for the following year even more.
Realistic targets are there to challenge us to be better. Targets are not set to break us or to stress us.

To add to this, we must learn to work with loyal friends. If we are performing an undertaking alone, we may find it difficult. However, when we have additional hands to help us fulfill our task our struggling would diminish.
There are good friends who are there to help us achieve the goals we have set for ourselves. Nonetheless, these people are few and hard to find. We have to do our best to find such people so that the workload we are carrying would now become lighter.
A friend who is interested in our goals can decide to take a part of his precious time off to help us.

There are many goals we have set for ourselves. Maybe we might have set a target of increasing our income by 100 percent this year.
A friend can help us in carrying the workload if we are willing to share. Wrong consciousness like fear can hold us back from bringing people into our life vocations.
But an attitude of hope and belief must be present, if we want to go far with whatever we have set our minds to do. If the faith for achieving greatness is present, then the barrier to hold us down gets to fade away.
More importantly, we must take on the art of leadership to become a coach for people. Most of the time, when we teach others, we realize that we get to learn ourselves. Teaching others does not mean we know everything, and that, the ones we teach cannot bring positive contributions into our life.

Rather, it is the art of having good remembrance to the positive imaginations we had. Any time we coach someone who is trying to move far with their plans and set targets, what happens is that they remind us to remain true to our set goals.
What must be important when coaching is that, the person has to possess the same kind of belief pattern like ours.
If we work in the industry of art, let us coach someone also in the same industry and not otherwise. This way we would be able to reflect on how we can grow our business undertakings in a positive fashion.
Ultimately, we should learn to plan the future with positivity. There is an enormous future set before us, but we have to possess a positive mindset to enjoy it. The good future is not available to all individuals.

Therefore, only those that understand the art to good wellness can enjoy the favorable conditions available. If we think about the future, good visualization has to always be present.
You can imagine yourself driving your dream vehicle when you are alone, all by yourself. Dreams can be reality, but you have to enforce them to be real. Many people do not plan their future at all. They let whatever dream that pops into the head control them.
We have to be intentional with what we imagine. The law of attraction has to teach us to act appropriately. If we dream about owning a dream car, we have to take visible steps to enforce it.

For instance, we have to understand the price, availability and reason for it. If these conditions are met then there would be no need for us to worry. We would be able to achieve what we have set for ourselves.
Good visualization is one of the strategies of wellness, and we must learn to participate in it regularly. If we are facing a challenge regarding a dream we are pursuing, let us look in retrospect and solve the negative imaginations we have.
After this, the universe would find a way to bring forth our imaginations. We would have what we yearn for, and abundant joy is going to flood our hearts with peace.


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