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Finish; finish strong; finish hard!
You have to by the execution of what you aim to do, attain a finishing mark. What I mean by this is that, do not be complacent because you feel strong about a given undertaking.
Do not say to yourself, I am capable, and I can do this in a lesser time than most people would do, so I am taking a break to relax.
Take no breaks!

Do not relax to explore other scenes of life. Focus on what you desire and fulfill that ambition to its fullness. You should not let anything put your mind to deviation.
Stick to the plan, hold onto the notes, guides and principles that were established during the stage of preparation. Let total satisfaction be pursued until you reach the most desirable end you seek.
Fight to become better and better at what you do, and do not let anything hinder you. You should be willing to go an extra mile if that is what is needed to accomplish a higher level of achievement of what you seek.

By having the power of execution present in you, you would be full of capacity to dare higher things than what you are doing now. You would have the capability to venture into deeper aspects meant for only professionals or masters to experience.
Just ensure that, the goal you intended reaching has given you the satisfaction you seek.
However, the pathway to achieve the things you desire is endless. There is always more than what you are doing that you can do to improve situations.
You can read faster than what you are doing now, achieving comprehension along with it as you pursue that; you can draw a portrait more realistically than the manner in which you are doing now, improving the time involved in carrying out that activity also; you can play basketball better than the way you are doing now, and more…

But a radical improvement cannot be achieved, until you achieve mastery in what you do. It is by achieving execution that giant steps to reach what you desire to do gets done. But the idealist personality we can desire, is not a tangible thing that can be reached.
It is a picture or visualization we have in our minds, that guides us along that path we set for ourselves – and it does not fail us, if we seek hard after it. It improves our thinking, it enhances our imagination and creativity. So let us fight our way to feel resolute that the personality we seek, is what we have in our full grasp.

But above all this, there is one more thing to do to be truly fulfilled and satisfied after you have followed the ambition you so desired, and seen impressive results upon your efforts. And this has to do with the fact that, you’ve to consider others to reach the stage you are at.
You have to gain the capacity to influence others viewpoint of things, and influence the way they see things or think.
You might currently have achieved a more dignifying and noteworthy position in life. But the movement into a higher ideally sort of personality, character or model is not the greatest achievement to reach, for by so doing the specific satisfaction you seek cannot be truly fulfilled.
But is only by extending your hands to be a helper unto others. They who have a passionate interest in the things you have accomplished.

There holds on you a responsibility to help others who are struggling with their old confused personalities. To your dismay, most are not even aware that there is a need for change, and that, a higher life awaits them if only they would be bold to venture into it.
You have to be a helper, who would now have the capacity to influence your family, friends, city, country, and the world at large, by declaring the benefits you received as a result of adopting this new kind of life you live in.
Additionally, declare the benefit they are also sure to obtain should they adopt your new way of life.
And this is how you finish your quest for the mastery life.

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